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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Lienemien - Sleeping Dolls Pattern

When I added sleeping dolls photo to my facebook page and shared it, I was so surprised and happy to get a lot of interest in them.. It has been one of my favorite patterns. It is easy and quick to make. I also dont like sewing arms, legs and head in amigurumi and this pattern is just my type, it is made in one piece. Thank you very much to Sil`s corner for this lovely, cute dolls. Many people asked for the pattern, I shared the original link from Sil`s corner but unfortunately the pattern is not in English. For myself I used google translator to make it, but here is the English version of it.

You will need;

- two colors of yarn and a tan color. You can choose any yarn of your stash. Depending in the yarn and hook you use, your doll size might be smaller or bigger. (I use yarn art jeans with 2.5mm crochet hook)
- crochet hook, always use one size smaller than the recommended hook so your stuffing wont escape between the stitches
- toy stuffing
- rattle insert (optional)
- 7mm safety eyes. (I embroidery the eyes)
The doll is made in a continuous spiral, without joining rounds or turning. You will need  stitch marker or a piece of yarn to mark the beginning of a round. Move the marker up when you complete the round.

Abbreviations (in American terms)
sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
dec : decrease (single crochet two stitches together)
inc : increase (make 2 single crochet in the same stitch)

Lets start :)
1- using your base yarn start with magic ring, make 6sc in the loop.
2- make 2 sc in each stitch. (12sc)
3-(sc1, inc)* Repeat *6times. (18sc)
4-(sc2, inc)* Repeat *6times. (24sc)
5-(sc3, inc)* Repeat *6times. (30sc)
6-(sc4, inc)* Repeat *6times. (36sc)
7-(sc5, inc)* Repeat *6times. (42sc)
8-(sc6, inc)* Repeat *6times. (48sc)
9-14- sc1 in each st. (48sc)

Fold your piece in half and pin and sew the middle of the stitches of the first 12 rows to shape legs

15- change to second yarn, sc1 in each st. (48sc)

16- sc1 in each st. (48sc)
17- change back to main yarn. sc1 in each st. (48sc)
18- sc1 in each st. (48sc)
19- change to second yarn, sc1 in each st. (48sc)
20- change back to main yarn. sc1 in each st. (48sc)
21- sc1 in each st. (48sc) Fill the toy stuffing as you crochet.
22- (sc14, dec)* Repeat *3 times. (45sc)
23- (sc13, dec)* Repeat *3 times. (42sc)
24- (sc12, dec)* Repeat *3 times. (39sc)
25- (sc11, dec)* Repeat *3 times. (36sc)
26- (sc10, dec)* Repeat *3 times. (33sc)
27- (sc9, dec)* Repeat *3 times. (30sc)
28- (sc8, dec)* Repeat *3 times. (27sc)
29- (sc7, dec)* Repeat *3 times. (24sc)

Sew the arms very tightly on both sides between 16-25 rows. I sew 5 st for the both arms.

30- change to tan color. (sc3, inc)* Repeat *6 times. (30sc) Fill the body firmly and if you want put the rattle insert in the body.
31- (sc4, inc)* Repeat *6 times. (36sc)
32- (sc5, inc)* Repeat *6 times. (42sc)
33- (sc6, inc)* Repeat *6 times. (48sc)
34- (sc7, inc)* Repeat *6 times. (54sc)
35-43- sc1 in each st. (54sc) Place the eyes on36-37 row leaving 3st between them, you can use 7mm safety eyes or embroidery yarn. 
44- (sc7, dec)* Repeat *6 times. (48sc)
45- (sc6, dec)* Repeat *6 times. (42sc)
46- (sc5, dec)* Repeat *6 times. (36sc)
47-(sc4, dec)* Repeat *6 times. (30sc)
48- (sc3, dec)* Repeat *6 times. (24sc)
49- (sc2, dec)* Repeat *6 times. (18sc)
50- (sc1, dec)* Repeat *6 times. (12sc)
51- dec86 times. (6sc) cut the yarn leaving enought to gather and secure the 6 stitches.

1- using second yarn start with magic ring, make 6sc in the loop. (6sc)
2- make 2 sc in each stitch. (12sc)
3-(sc1, inc)* Repeat *6times. (18sc)
4-(sc2, inc)* Repeat *6times. (24sc)
5- sc1 in each st. (24sc)
6-(sc2, dec)* Repeat *6 times. (18sc)
7- (sc1, dec)* Repeat *6 times. (12sc)
8- dec*6 times. (6sc) Fill in this part with some toy filling. You wont fill rest of the hood.
9-33- change to main yarn, sc1 in each st. (6sc) make a knot on the head.
34- make 2 sc in each stitch. (12sc)
35- (sc1, inc)* Repeat *6times. (18sc)
36- (sc2, inc)* Repeat *6times. (24sc)
37- (sc3, inc)* Repeat *6times. (30sc)
38- (sc4, inc)* Repeat *6times. (36sc)
39- (sc5, inc)* Repeat *6times. (42sc)
40- (sc6, inc)* Repeat *6times. (48sc)
41- (sc7, inc)* Repeat *6times. (54sc)
42-51- sc1 in each st. (54sc)
52- change to second yarn, sc1 in each st. (54sc)
53- dc3 in each st. sew the hood the head.


Using second color yarn on the 30th row of the body, slip stitch around the neck. ch2, dc3 in each stitch.

Please don`t forget to thank and link back to the original pattern on Sil`s corner blog when you make and share this cute doll. You can also share it using #lienemiendoll on facebook, instagram etc.. She also has another doll,Mr Sleepy similiar to this one, you can see it here. 

Monday, 23 January 2017

Peek a boo :)

It has been soooo long since I wrote my last post to the blog. It was a crazy 2016 year with my sister`s wedding, and also expecting another mini to our family. :)

I had to say no to many custom orders because I had carper tunnel syndrome due to pregnancy and i couldnt make anything for a while. As it gets better I start my craft routine slowly.. There are lots of finished projects that are waiting for me to take photos and add them to the shop, instagram, facebook etc.. I am so lazy about taking photos, I may need a photo asisstant so I can enjoy my crochet-knit time while she takes photos for me. The weather in winter also doesn`t help with that, less sunshine and dark clouds push me back b
ut (at last,) the last weekend I could do some of photo shoots. I ironed and took photos of some summer scarves and listed them on my etsy shop.  I probably wont have free time for that for a while. 

These days, I am also getting lots of messages about the vest I made for Little M, I had promised to make another one and write the pattern for you. I didnt forget my promise, it is on top of my list but it still might take some time because of my pregnancy. I will do my best for that. :) Thank you for your patience :)

Monday, 22 February 2016

Menny Swaddle doll

Baby is on the way, so it is time to celebrate! Baby showers are fun to use the opportunity to find something unique for for the mom-to-be, future dad and the baby. There are endless options for baby shower gifts, you can buy or make it yourself. You can never go wrong with a handmade gift! :)

I have pregnant friends and they asked me to make some gift favors for their baby showers. I wanted to make something new and unique. After a few days of dreaming, thinking; watching my two daughters playing and being inspired by them; I made these swaddle dolls. I really love how they turned out. They can be used as key rings, fridge magnet, bag charms etc..

If you want to make your own baby shower favors, you can find the pattern here or if you want me to make them for you, please contact me :)
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